– scam: my bitter experience

I want to share my bitter experience of using the fake exchange On the Internet, I looked for traffic arbitrage deals with a good percentage. Although I know that anything above 10% is basically a scam, I still decided to carry out this operation. I found a channel on YouTube with a huge number of reviews:, later I discovered that the channel was purchased several months ago, and all the reviews were fake.

On the channel with professional voice acting, information about the super bundle via LTC was posted. I know that there cannot be such a difference in the price of LTC, fluctuations in this coin are no more than 0.1% on different exchanges, but still I decided to deposit $30 into my account, in any case, I wanted to try to check this bundle . I did not expect to get them back, and even with a profit.

Imagine my surprise when, having requested a withdrawal to Binance, ten minutes later I received my $30, but with a profit of 10%. I didn’t even expect this. I lost my suspicions about the fraudulent scheme, and I thought that I needed to increase the amount a little. I already deposit $120 and, lo and behold, I withdraw it again with a profit of 10%. Of course, I first made a request for reviews on this exchange, not a single review — neither positive nor negative, and the domain was not searched for by a direct request on Google.

This was already a little alarming. I decided to double the deposit and make $250. Of course, miracles don’t happen, if it were possible to make such crazy percentages on LTC, all arbitrage traders who are looking for inter-exchange arbitrage deals starting from 2% would simply rush for such a profit.

I’m trying to withdraw my hard-earned $250, and I receive a message: “Your transactions have been marked as suspicious, to further withdraw funds, confirm your identity and transfer $200 to the specified wallet. UUUUPS. I contact support, after a few minutes, they answer that you can withdraw money only by transferring $200 to their wallet.

What remains to be done? I check their website in the web archive — the story is 6 years old, six months ago there was some Chinese site, and on the channel a professional announcer described this exchange as a project with a six-year history. In general, I understand that I was simply scammed. There was still some hope of withdrawing money, and I added another 200 dollars to their wallet. I click the check verification button and get an error message. Then the hope of withdrawing money disappeared. I write to support again, and what do they answer me?

“We see that you made a deposit of $198, please take into account the commissions. Our system automatically determines verification; the amount required is exactly $200.” I’m just shocked, I transferred a total of 660 dollars there, and they still want my money.

All I had to do was write to Binance about the fraudulent scheme, because on the YouTube channel there is a link to their exchange. They replied that they had begun an investigation. I will be very glad if my article stops you and saves you from losing money.

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